Understanding CS/CA Licenses 

There are a few times when a user may need to delete the local license file from their computer. When you log into CS4 (with the credentials provided to you), you will be shown a button that says ‘Authorize’. Clicking that button will then create a local license which will be stored as a hidden file onyour computer. This file contains the date at which the license expires. Once the computer has the local license, it no longer needs to be connected to the internet to be used. So authorizing the computer allows the application to be used without internet until the date inside of the local license file.

The local license file for Cyber Science 3D v4.x cannot be updated, so if a change has occurred to the expiration date of the license in our Admin System, the local license on the computer must be recreated to for that date to change in the local license file.

When Would License Removal Be Appropriate?

One thing to keep in mind is that you have already used an activation key when creating the local license file the first time. So in the Licensing Admin within our system at Cyber Science, we have to subtract 1 from the ‘Installs Checked Out’ box and resave to note the amount of activations you have used/ have left.

Let's say that you purchased a 1 year license of Cyber Science 3D and authorized the application to be used offline. You then use the application for a year and decide you do not want to renew after the year is up. Then after a month, you change your mind and decide to renew your account. We would need to go into your license and change the expiration date to equal the new expiration date.

However, this alone doesn’t update the software because the file cannot be updated. You would then need to delete your local license and reauthorize before you would have access again.

Removals Steps

To remove the license file from your PC, follow the steps listed below:

1. Close Cyber Science 3D if it is currently open.

2. Open a windows explorer window

3. Click in the address box to see the current location

4. Delete the contents of the address bar

5. Copy the following text without the quotes: “%programdata%”

6. Paste the copied text into the address bar and press enter on your keyboard. You will now be in the Hidden Folder called ProgramData

7. Locate and double click the folder ‘CyberScience’ to enter the folder

8. Select the file ‘csLicense.lic’ and delete this file

         a. This can be done by hitting the ‘delete’ key on the keyboard or by right clicking and choosing ‘delete’. 

9. The license is now deleted. You can run Cyber Science and reauthorize the machine.