Taking a Quiz

Taking a quiz is as simple as viewing a presentation slide. To Take a Quiz, select the Play button in the Vertical Toolbar and navigate your way through the slides until the created quiz. While taking the quiz, the Quiz Type and Instructions will be indicated in the bottom right of the display.


While taking a quiz, the Score, Time, and Successful/Failed Attempts will be recorded in the lower left corner of your display, as displayed below.



The user is rewarded a range of points based on number of attempts for a given object, and completion of the quiz.

Each object selected offers 3 point variations: the user is awarded 50 points for a correct answer on the first attempt, 25 points for a second attempt, and 10 points for three attempts, and so on. The user also gains an added 5 points for completing the quiz.


Completing a Quiz

After a presentation/quiz is completed, a notification will appear in the lower right corner of the workspace, as indicated below.


The user’s answers, attempts, and time will be recorded automatically. Simply select the to exit the quiz.