While in Author Mode, users can create presentations and quizzes as a tool for teaching the material offered in Cyber Anatomy 3D. As a program predominantly created for instructors, Cyber Anatomy 3D offers several options that make studying the models of the human anatomy easy and effective.





Presentation Slides


Creating a New Slide

To create a New Slide, the user must first have Author Mode enabled, which can be accessed within the Settings window.

After ensuring that Author Mode is enabled, select the Presentation Slides button – or [p] on your keyboard – to open the Presentation Toolbar. From here, simply select         to create a new slide.


Editing a Slide

Creating a New Slide saves the current display of the model within the workspace. Right-click on a newly created slide to open editing options within the Inspector in the horizontal toolbar. Here, the user can change the view of the model, the type of slide, and slide details/ appearance.




 As you can see, the Inspector is broken down into different sections of functions and tools. Let’s take a closer look at these tools and options:


Slide Name

Edit the name of the slide to indicate a specific object/ area of view.



Change the type of slide to one of three options: Presentation Slide, Labeling Quiz, or Assembly Quiz. To learn how to create a quiz, refer the Labeling Quiz and Assembly Quiz further along in this chapter.


Delete Slide

Delete the currently selected slide.

Set to Current View

Save any changes made to the model, objects, or slides.

Slide Color

Change the slide’s color in the horizontal toolbar.


Exit the slide editing Inspector toolbar.


NOTE: Always be sure to save any progress made on the current slide before selecting another slide or tool by selecting Set to Current in the slide Inspector.