The Inspector    

The Inspector is a section of the horizontal toolbar that allows users to edit various items within the workspace, including objects and presentations. Click on the icon, or press [i] on your keyboard to open the Inspector. The Inspector offers 2 options for editing in the workspace:

  • Global Actions
  • Local Actions

Global Actions

Upon opening the Inspector, the default Global options will be available for use. Here, you can edit the model as a whole by resetting objects and labels and create/select groups. Selecting the background will bring you back to the global actions toolbar while working in the workspace.

DICOM Viewer

The DICOM Viewer allows users to view an MRI of the selected region of the body. Select the tool, then select a plane within the workspace to open the viewer.

Replace All

Reset the model to its original form after moving pieces around.

Hide All Landmarks

Clear all of the landmarks and pins created on all pieces.

Make All Opaque

Make objects previously made transparent become visible.

Clear Highlights

Clear all color changes made to objects.

Link Objects/ Break Link

Select two or more objects and link them together to use as a single object. Select again to break link between the pieces.

Clear Presentation Slides

Clear all previously created slides in the presentation toolbar.

Clear All Callouts

Clear all previously made callouts in the workspace.

Clear All Notes

Clear all previously created notes made in the workspace.


Objects can be labeled together under one group, such as “Skeletal,” or “Brain.” Select an object and then select the New Group option to label it. Selecting the group name in the toolbar will select each object labeled in that group.

Local Actions

When selecting an individual object within the model, the Local options will appear within the Inspector. Here, you are able to edit individual pieces by changing its name, color, or transparency, creating callouts and landmarks, and much more.

The Local Inspector offers additional options for the model alongside options also found in the Global Inspector:

Object Label

Indicates the name of the highlighted object the user has selected.


Resets all objects to their original location.

Show/Hide Landmarks

Shows/ hides previously generated landmarks from the Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy. Select individual pins and re-select this option to hide specific pins.

Invert Selection

Inverts highlighted objects.

Remove Object from Scene

Removes selected object from workspace.


Changes the color and/or transparency of an object.

Table of Contents  

Selecting the Table of Contents button will bring up the Cyber Anatomy 3D Homepage


Click the Undo button to undo the previous action within the workspace.

Save/ Save As  

To save your progress on a model or presentation, select the Save As button in the bottom right corner of the display. This will bring up the Save window, as seen below:

Here, you will fill out the file information to save for a later time. Insert a Session Title, Session Description, and a Filename, then select the Save button to save the session. You may also select a specific folder to save sessions in.

After saving a new file, you may save any new progress made by selecting the Save button, located to the right of the Save As icon.