Presentation Tools

One of the strongest components of Cyber Anatomy 3D is the ability for instructors to teach students about anatomy with a completely interactive display. The program capabilities allow teachers to create 

Presentations of the models they are viewing, much like presentation slides used for classes.

Located on the right side of the workspace, are a number of tools that are available to create slides and navigate through them: Presentation Slides, Revert to Last Slide, Slide Navigation, and Play

Presentation Slides

Select the Presentation Slides button - or press [p] on your keyboard - to open the presentation toolbar. Here, you will be able to create slides and select/edit them. For more information on presentations slides, see Slides and Quizzes on page 24.

Revert to Last Slide

Selecting the Revert to Last Slide tool will reset the current work on the model to the previous slide created.

Slide Navigation

Scroll through the created slides by selecting

the arrows of the Slide Navigation tool.


Select the Play button to begin the presentation of the previously created slides.

Workspace and Object Tools

Located in the vertical toolbar are a variety of options used for viewing and editing the models. When working with zSpace hardware, some of these options are combined for more efficient and interactive use. 


While the Pan tool is selected, left-click and hold the background to pan the view of the model. Select and hold an object to highlight and peel the object, allowing you to move it around the workspace.


The Orbit tool allows the user to rotate the model or an object a full 360°. Select and hold the background to orbit the model and select and hold an object to rotate the individual piece.


Along with the scroll wheel, the Zoom tool allows you to zoom in and out within the workspace. Left-click and hold to zoom in/out on either the model or an object.


Callouts allow the user to make notes within the workspace, or to label a specific object within the model. When the callout tool is selected, click on the background of the workspace to create a New Callout or select an object to create a callout of the labeled object. These callouts can be moved around the space by clicking and holding them.


Landmarks, or pins, are specific areas of the model/object that the user would like to point out separately from the whole structure. The Landmark Tool allows the user to Create New Landmarks that are not previously generated within Cyber Anatomy 3D. Simply select the point on the model or object that you wish to create a landmark.

For further information on Cyber Anatomy 3D pre-generated landmarks, refer to Horizontal Toolbar > Inspector > Local Actions on page 21

World Scale

The World Scale tool, like the Zoom Tool and the Scroll Wheel, allows the user to adjust the zoom within the workspace. Select the “+” to zoom in, the “-“ to zoom out, and click and drag the bar to adjust the zoom manually.