Similar to a mouse, the zSpace stylus allows the user to manipulate the space and objects with 3 options: Front Button, Left Button, Right Button.

Unlike the mouse, however, the user is able to perform all of the viewing functions with the stylus without needing to select different tools.

Front Button

Use the front button to Select objects, tools, and menus. Hover the “cursor” over an object and select it when the cursor and object are highlighted.

When an object is selected, the user can Rotate the object a full 360° in the x, y, and z-axis, as well as pull the object closer or push it farther away within the workspace.

Left Button

The left button allows the user to Pan and Zoom In/ Out. Click and hold the left button, then move the stylus left/right to Pan, or forward/back to Zoom.

Right Button

The right button allows the user Orbit the model and object(s). Click and hold the right button, then move the stylus in any direction to orbit 360°.