The Cyber Anatomy 3D interactive workspace is arranged to help teachers and students focus on the generated model. The workspace includes a variety of modes and tools for viewing, editing, and adding elements to the models and objects.

The Workspace

When using a mouse within Cyber Anatomy 3D, the user is able to manipulate the space and objects with 3 options, each offering different functions with Local and Global Use in the workspace: Left-Click, Right-Click, Scroll Wheel


The user can interact with the workspace by selecting the available tools with the left mouse button. When selected, the active tool will turn from gray to red.

Based on the selected tool, the Global Use of the left-click function also allows the user to manipulate the view of the model and/or object(s). Select the background with left-click and move the mouse change the view of the model/object.

Local Use allows the user to select and manipulate individual objects in the model. Left-clicking an object will highlight the piece, and holding down the left mouse button will allow the user to move the piece around.


The right mouse button allows the user to Orbit the model within the workspace. This is a global function that works across all tools.

Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel allows the user to zoom in and out while viewing the model. Clicking and holding the scroll wheel allows the user to Pan. These are global functions that work across all tools.