The Settings window of Cyber Anatomy 3D offers a number of useful tools that users can select in order to change to functionality and display of the program. The Settings window also provides information regarding the user’s system, licenses, and external hardware capabilities.

Author Mode

Author Mode provides users with the full capabilities that Cyber Anatomy 3D has to offer instructors. Author Mode allows the user to create presentation slides, quizzes, and save sessions while working in the workspace. To Enable Author Mode, select the option in the Settings window.


Cyber Anatomy 3D offers a variety of display options based on your system needs. The Display section allows you to change the following options, depending on your systems software and external hardware capabilities:

  • Force Full Screen
  • Screen Resolution
  • Z-Space (only offered with Z-Space System/ Stylus)
  • VR Mode (requirements)

Force Full Screen

To Force Full Screen on Start, simply select the option within the display section. Full screen may also be toggled while in the workspace by pressing [F11].

Screen Resolution

To change either the Windowed Resolution or Full Screen Resolution, select Reset next to the desired option. This will auto-detect the settings on your system and set the resolution automatically.


Cyber Anatomy 3D offers a unique feature that allows the user to interact with the models using zSpace a tool which allows the user to view and work with the models in a 3D environment unlike any other system.

With the zSpace system, 3D glasses, and stylus, the user is able to select and view objects in a more immersive fashion by having full control over the manipulation and view of an object. With lean to the left or right or a simple rotation of the wrist or the user can view the models in an immersive 3D virtual reality unlike any other.

VR Mode

Enabling VR Mode allows users with the correct hardware to view the models and objects of Cyber Anatomy 3D in a virtual, 3D environment. Using special 3D glasses and display technology, the user is able to view the models and objects in a more immersive approach.

Given the user has the proper hardware, simply select VR Mode and adjust the VR Settings slider to your preference. (Note: The VR Settings slider adjusts the level of 3D display used.)


Cyber Anatomy 3D offers a variety of languages for users to choose from while using the software. Selecting your desired language will change the menu’s and toolbar’s main language for easier use within the workspace.

Local License Keys

The user’s license information is displayed here, as well as in the User Profile window. The Local License Keys section displays the keys used on the current system, as well as the days till license expiration. See User Keys on page 12 for more information.

Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

Cyber Anatomy’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy can be found in this section of the Settings. Click the link provided to read the software and company policies provided on our website

Copy Log to Clipboard

Copies session log to be sent to support team for troubleshooting purposes.