Selecting the User Profile option in the main menu will open up a window containing account information and actions. Here, you can Log In/Out, Reset Password, Submit License Keys, or View User Keys.

Logging Out

Once logged in to Cyber Anatomy 3D, selecting the User Profile option will open up a window providing the user’s account and license information. To Logout, simply select the Logout button located at the top of the window, next to the user account name.

User Keys

The User Profile window also provides license information about the registered account. To Submit a Key, enter the PIN or key provided into the designated area and select Submit Key to register the license to the signed-in account.

The registered keys will appear under the “My User Keys” section of the window. Under the Applicable section, you will find the current active license(s) registered to the signed in account, along with the Time Left the expiry date of the current license(s) and the number of Seats the number of accounts allowed under the active license.