Selecting the New Session option on the home page will bring up the Anatomy Builder.

Anatomy Builder

With the Anatomy Builder, the user is able to select three options that will then generate a new model: Regions, Systems, Groups


The Cyber Anatomy 3D models are broken down into regions of the body. The user is able to select one or more regions of the body by Left-Clicking each desired region. The user may also Select All, Clear All, or return to the Anatomy Builder by selecting the Back button. After selecting the desired regions, select the Next button to begin selecting the desired Systems that you wish to view.


After selecting a Region, the Systems window will appear. Within this window, the user is able to select all the systems available within the region(s) selected by Left-Clicking each desired system. After selecting the system(s), select the Next button to generate the model selected.

Note: If selecting Systems first, the user will be instructed to select a Region in the second step of the Anatomy Builder before generating the model.


Groups are pre-generated models that analyze specific regions & systems, such as the inner ear or teeth. Select one of the various groups available to generate the model by Left-Clicking the desired group.