Activating Netter 3D Anatomy Trial PIN


A walkthrough of activating a trial PIN for Netter 3D Anatomy. It is recommended that you do this from a computer and not from a mobile device.


1. Go to Netter 3D Anatomy

Navigate to on a non mobile device to start the registration process. (To quickly view a demo instead of register you can click the button 'Get Started' in the middle of the page.)

2. Click 'Signup'

Click signup in the Header to be taken to the registration web page.

3. Click 'Register'

Click the option 'Register' to open the registration form.

4. Click 'Register with a PIN or Key'

Click on 'Register with a PIN or Key' to display the field for user key.

5. Fill in your information.

Type your valid email address and create a password. The password must be at least 8 characters long, must contain at least one number, and cannot contain any spaces. Then type your PIN or user key into the form and submit.

6. Email Verification

If the registration is successful you will be redirected to the verification page with additional instruction on activating your account.

7. Check email for the confirmation link

Navigate to your email and look for an email from '' which contains a link to verify your email and activate your account. Click on the link to activate your account.

8. Verification Success & Launch the application.

Upon clicking the link you will be displayed a success page in your web browser. To launch Netter 3D Anatomy and start your experience click 'Launch Netter 3D Anatomy'.

9. Install Unity Web Player

When you go to the web application at you may be asked to install the Unity Web Player. Please install and then refresh the page upon completion. You must be using a web browser that supports the Unity Web Player plugin. We recommend Firefox but you can see the full list of supported devices here. NOTE: Chrome no longer supports the Unity Web Player.

10. Load the Application

11. Login with your new account

You can now log into the application with the email address and password you just created.

12. Enjoy Your Trial

You are now logged in and able to explore the software.

1.) Click the x to view our mini tutorial.

2.) Open a custom session with the anatomy of your choice

3.) View the User Guide

4.) Contact the Support Team